Properties in Old NaplesIf you have spent a lot of time looking at different places in Florida that are popular, pristine locations for those that are affluent, you will obviously end up in Naples, one of the best cities in all of Florida, located adjacent to the sparkling Gulf of Mexico. For those that like to go out on the water, there is no better place. The homes that are here, and the golfing communities, are second to none. Your ability to find a home will be dependent upon the realtor that you end up using, an individual that will be able to connect you with sellers that are offering excellent prices. The key is to move as quickly as possible when a new home comes up, one that is located in an area that is popular. Though there are many locations throughout Naples that you may consider living in, Olde Naples is at the top of the list with most people that know anything about this area.

This is the area of the City of Naples that many people referred to as the heart and soul of that city. It is the primary destination for people that want to find out more about this West Coast Floridian community. Of all of the cities that you can go to, if you are a person that enjoys playing golf on a regular basis, you really can’t go wrong by moving here. It is designed for people that are affluent due to the prices of not only the cost of playing golf but also the homes that are there. What you are paying for is exclusivity, the ability to have access to the Gulf of Mexico and some of the best shops, restaurants, and social gatherings. If you can get a house that is on one of the access canals, you can go out on the water anytime that you want.

How Do You Find Listings For These Homes?

To find the listings for homes on the canals located in Olde Naples, talk with the realtor that seems to have a handle on the best properties in the area. Naples luxury waterfront real estate is some of the most popular because of its proximity to this body of water. You may not be able to find any other location that has as many homes, condominiums, beachfront, or Gulf view properties as a realtor that specializes in it all. You may find one particular website that will target these areas, specifically those that are adjacent to water or will give you access to waterways. Once you have found these listings and the proper realtor to deal with, you can start looking for some of the best properties that are currently available.

First of all, this is an area of Naples that seems to have avoided the transition from a quiet community to the hustle and bustle of the city. It allows you to get away from what you are probably dealing with every day which is your full-time job during the week. Second, it is very close to the Gulf of Mexico, giving you access to the water. You may also have access to the Royal Harbor, and all of the amenities that come with living in a neighborhood that is so affluent. The third reason is that it gives you freedom. Instead of being bound to your home, you can take your boat out on the water anytime that you want. This is for those that would prefer having beachfront or Gulf access properties. You need to be ready to pay top dollar for these properties because they are limited in number, and due to their proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, you are going to pay a much higher price.

How Can You Secure A Great Deal?

Real Estate Old NaplesIf you are going to move into this area, it is likely that you won’t have to worry about getting a discount on any property. People that live here are independently wealthy in most cases, and can simply pay for whatever they want. However, some higher end properties can be well over $50 million each, and even those that are extremely affluent will still want to find some way to save a few million dollars of possible. By working with the realtor that has been selling for many years, even decades, you will be working directly with an individual that will be able to negotiate for you and help you save a little bit on the purchase.

This may be one of the best investments that you will ever make if you can get a home in Olde Naples. There is just a choice few that can afford to do so, even with homes that are not directly on the water. You are purchasing something that you will enjoy, and that your kids will love as well. It’s a great place to be if you are addicted to the golfing communities, and all of the water-based activities, that are available to people that live in this neighborhood.